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Eye Shadow Elements STEM Lab Ebook

Eye Shadow Elements STEM Lab Ebook

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Unleash your inner scientist and enhance your beauty with our eye shadow themed STEM lab for teens!

Making eye shadows

Eye Shadow Elements STEM Lab lets young scientists create stunning eye makeup with real elements from the periodic table. It provides an excellent platform to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry.

This unique ebook offers an eye shadow-based STEM experiment for teens to learn and enjoy.

With step-by-step instructions and a buying guide it's a creative way to explore the fundamentals of science.  Let your eyes shine and your mind sparkle as you delve into the fascinating world of makeup & science!


  • STEM Career Discovery
  • Periodic Table Practice
  • Lewis Dot Diagram Overview
  • 2 Periodic Table Practice Exercises
  • Fill-in Multiplication Practice Pages
  • Lab Safety Guidelines
  • Supply List
  • Buying Guide
  • Eye-Safe Pigment & Color Theory Review
  • DIY Eye Shadow Step-By-Step Guide
  • The Makeup Lab Coloring Ebook

Eye Shadow Elements STEM Lab for teens

Why is it Important for Teens to Learn about STEM?

STEM education is crucial for the future success of our society. It equips young minds with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle real-world problems and drive innovation. Some teens may perceive STEM subjects as intimidating or boring. By introducing STEM concepts through a fun and relatable activity like a Eye Shadow Elements, we can capture their interest and show them the exciting possibilities that STEM offers.

Encouraging Creativity and Critical Thinking

Eye Shadow Elements teaches teens about the science behind eye shadow formulation and also encourages creativity and critical thinking. By allowing them to mix different pigments and experiment with various ratios, teens can unleash their artistic side and create eye-catching colors. They learn to analyze the effects of different ingredients on the final product and make informed decisions based on their observations. This process fosters problem-solving skills and nurtures a scientific mindset.

Connecting Science with Everyday Life

One of the challenges in promoting STEM education is bridging the gap between abstract scientific concepts and their real-world applications. Eye Shadow Elements STEM lab provides a tangible connection between science and everyday life. Teens can relate to makeup products and see how scientific principles are applied in the cosmetic industry. This hands-on experience helps them understand that STEM is more than a subject in textbooks; STEM is an integral part of their daily lives.

Laptop and natural cosmetic ingredients

Building Confidence and Empowering Teens

Engaging in Eye Shadow Elements STEM lab empowers teens by giving them a sense of accomplishment and boosting their confidence. As they successfully create their own eye shadow shades, they realize that they have the ability to understand and apply scientific concepts. This newfound confidence can inspire them to explore other STEM-related activities and pursue future careers in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Makeup pigments

Grab your Lab Coat!

Eye Shadow Elements is a powerful tool for sparking teen interest in STEM. By combining the worlds of makeup and science, this activity engages teens in a fun and educational way. It introduces them to the principles of cosmetic chemistry, fosters creativity and critical thinking, connects science with everyday life, and empowers them to pursue further STEM exploration. Grab your lab coat and makeup brushes, and let's inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts!

Scientist putting Lab Coat on student

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