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1:1 Virtual Consulting

1:1 Virtual Consulting

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Samantha Dickey; Cosmetic Scientist

An efficient and cost-effective way to get personalized help and advice in the convenience of your own lab.

1:1 Virtual Consulting gives you access to specialized expertise and support for all your cosmetics manufacturing needs for up to 45 minutes per session.

From operations management to regulatory compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices, our one-on-one virtual consulting services deliver the guidance you need to maximize efficiency and profits.

Each virtual session lasts up to 45 minutes.

Samantha Dickey, Cosmetic Scientist


Meet our talented Cosmetic Scientist, Samantha Dickey, a visionary who explores the realms of chemistry, math, and esthetics to unlock the secrets of makeup & skincare.  Samantha has been in Industrial Manufacturing & Logistics since 1992 [nearly 30 years and counting!].  She has vast rare skills and expert corporate experience in Manufacturing & Quality under the US FDA Code of Federal Regulations. Samantha Dickey has knowledge, experience, and success manufacturing safe high quality products that have safely served millions of people.

Reveal Cleanser formulated by Samantha Dickey

With a deep understanding of ingredients and their interactions, Samantha is dedicated to formulating products that enhance natural beauty while prioritizing safety, stability, and sustainability.  Samantha Dickey is a scientist and professional manufacturer.  She's a really good trainer and highly skilled in technical communications that stems from her BS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

 Makeup Remover formulated by Samantha Dickey

Armed with cutting-edge research and a passion for pushing boundaries, Samantha strives to develop revolutionary formulations that provide effective solutions for diverse skin types and color cosmetics for every complexion.

Liquid Matte Lipstick formulated by Samantha Dickey

From meticulously analyzing molecular structures to meticulously testing prototypes, Samantha is a master of transformation.  She harnesses scientific knowledge to blend art & science, formulating cosmetics that nourish, protect, and inspire confidence and self-expression.

Highlighters formulated by Samantha Dickey

Through unwavering research and a commitment to excellence, Samantha Dickey stays at the forefront of trends and emerging technologies.

Natural skincare products

Her expertise extends beyond product development; she educates, informs and empowers upcoming brand owners and teens with knowledge about ingredients, manufacturing processes, and the science behind their favorite makeup trends.  She's made it her mission to encourage teens to consider higher education & careers in STEM.

Cosmetic Scientist Samantha Dickey

Samantha's small-scale formulated & manufactured products have features on Fox 5 Atlanta with Paul MillikenForbesCW69Travel Girl, Spotlyte Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionFaces of AtlantaCBS 46Hype Hair Magazinetrade shows in Atlanta, New York & Hollywood and much much more.

All Fees are final, non-refundable, and non-transferrable

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